IT Blog Awards 2010: Individual IT Professional Male

Brian Kelly’s UK Web Focus Blog has been nominated for the IT Blog Awards 2010: Individual IT Professional Male.  In his post, Brian quotes and makes reference to his Blog Policies.  My purpose in starting this blog was similar to Brian’s with an obvious focus on my current project, MeCAT, so I’ve taken the liberty of adapting some of Brian’s points:

  • The contents of the blog will primarily address issues related to the MeCAT project and its work on Tardis, including issues around data and metadata management in the research sector.
  • The blog will also provide a test bed for experiments and for testing new services and provide access to discussions about the experiment.
  • The blog will provide an opportunity for me to ‘think out loud“: i.e. describe speculative ideas, thoughts which may occur to me, etc. which may be of interest to others or for which I would welcome feedback.
  • The blog will seek to both disseminate information and encourage discussion and debate.
  • The blog will be used as an open notebook, so that ideas, thoughts and opinions can be shared with others.

Thanks Brian for articulating what had been a rather fuzzy set of ideas!


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